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Invictus! The thirds kept today their invicibility and got their 5th win on a row. Our opponent, Rapid Mymol, a solid and physical team show determination but so did we and to that we add realism. As usual Shane found the key after a great service from team. Then on a good free kick from team Achraf shot the ball in as Mymol could not clear the ball out of the box. On 2nd half Mymol raised their intensity but we stayed solid and quickly scored a 3rd 5mn into the 2nd half. A great cross from Piet on the right wing found Shane (who else) who turned football into art controlling the ball feet in extension not facing the goal and then volleying with the other feet the ball leaving absolutely no chance to the goalkeeper. Our opponent pushed to get at least one goal and they got a lucky one at the very end of the game but we were very solid throughout the whole game. Another great victory! Achraf MOTM. One more game before end of the year to get another win so we can get drunk and fat during Christmas holidays.

A hard-fought 2-2 draw away to Rapid Mymol for the 3rds. Javi and Shane connected beautifully for two goals to put us up early in the second half. A top corner direct free kick for Mymol brought them back into it and knocked our confidence a bit. Two glorious chances to make it 3-1 and kill the game were unfortunately wasted and Mymol equalised with a sweeping counter-attack. Lots of positives to take away against a team that finished 4th in their league last year and excellent debuts for Lars, Alex and Peter.

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#1 September 17, 2022 Rapid Mymol 2 - 2 Report FC Irlande Men 3
#13 December 10, 2022 FC Irlande Men 3 3 - 1 Report Rapid Mymol