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It’s 5:30pm in the beautiful municipality of Auderghem. The sun has already set and the birds have stopped singing. The thermometer shows zero degree. Winter can be rough in Brussels. Dressed in their matching outfits, and after another inspiring speech of their coaches, Ladies I are ready for their last fight of the year, eager to end 2022 on a positive note.

Today’s opponents are the (very) young ladies of Liège, another team from the top of the league. But tonight, the ladies in green can count on the support of their fans who came all the way from Ixelles. From one team in green, to another, with love for the green jersey (and hot wine).

The first whistle of the game is blown, and the show can finally begin. The first 25 minutes of the game are to the advantage of the opposing team which manages to build some dangerous opportunities. Our defence is very busy pushing back Liège’s rapid attacks, supported by the shouts of the fans who do not spare their efforts despite the cold. Marie is vigilant in her cage, and nothing goes in. One shot hits the pole, but a good star is shining in Auderghem’s sky tonight. In the back, Jenny and Michèle form a great tandem which will finally disgust the opposing strikers.

Ladies I resist and take over the game for the last 20 minutes of the first half time. It’s a tough battle in the middle but thanks to a high press and some winning duels, Ireland manages to threaten the opposing keeper’s goal on several occasions. Though, this won’t be enough and it’s 0-0 at half time.

Back from the locker rooms, both teams are more determined than ever. Another star, in the name of Olatz, is now shining in Ireland’s goal. The second half time is intense. Physical duels, exchange of sweet words, sprints, cheering and applause from the fans. Our opponents start to get frustrated and become more aggressive. In the middle of all this, the ref remains indifferent to the tension. Liège changes its tactics and starts kicking long balls, hoping that the fast legs of their strikers would make the difference. But this is without counting on Michèle’s legs (our birthday girl of the day) which are, even though not as young, even faster. Twice older, twice faster. QED.

The intensity of the game remains high until the very last minute. Shouts from the fans get louder as the tension intensifies. Or maybe it’s an effect of the hot wine? The Ladies in green start looking in the direction of the ref for the final whistle. And finally, it comes with the final score of 0-0.

It was a great performance by the whole team which made very important defensive efforts to obtain our first clean sheet of the season. This draw tastes as a victory, and the objective of the day was reached.

It’s now time to celebrate Christmas, and Magda’s yellow card.

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